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A local IP expertise with a global mindset

With a local intellectual property expertise in 28 European countries and 54 African countries, INLEX Management Europe & Africa (MEA) is here to support you from a legal perspective and to help you protect your assets when exporting any new projects, innovative ideas, commercial or marketing concepts to Europe or Africa.

Where do you need us to support you ?

Your new path to African IP

INLEX Africa is your point of reference if you wish to discover and develop new business opportunities that the continent offers. Our  team of IP professionals will provide you with quality assistance and tailored recommendations based on your specific needs and requests. Our support will guarantee the protection of your intangible assets within the African continent, allow you to increase your competitive advantage from your intellectual assets and reduce any IP-related business risks. 

Your gateway to European IP

INLEX IP Expertise is an Intellectual Property law firm with over 20 years of experience specialized in the validation, protection, enforcement and valorization of IP-related projects. Our expertise lies in the protection of trademarks, designs, copyrights, specific know how, commercial and marketing concepts. Our team of IP attorneys and lawyers help foreign companies manage their intellectual property effectively and strategically to remain competitive in the European market. 

Your partner to conquer Europe & Africa

WedooIP was born in the center of Asia after its founders made the decision to create a well established Intellectual Property Hub in order to strengthen its relationships with all of the clients they have accompanied for the past 30 years in the region and to respond to their demands in a timely manner without the constraints that time difference with Europe and Africa may have as an impact on business decisions.